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Designing and Publishing a Website for the First Time

I've been making and selling jewelry for a long time, and have had to apologize every time someone asked me, "what's your URL?", or, "you have a website, don't you?" I had a lot of resistance to doing this because I didn't know how. With the continued prodding of a couple good friends, I finally just made up my mind that it was going to happen. I tend to be a do-it-myself kind of person, so I hunted around for some web design software that would not break the bank, and would not require me to know/learn any html. The very thought of typing pages of html sent me quaking- too many details!!!!! Anyway, I finally stumbled on RapidWeaver, a tool for Mac users, which I happen to be. And a few weeks later, there's a new Deborah Wyscarver Designs website that has been published as a result. What a fun learning adventure it turned out to be! I haven't had this much fun in years, and I couldn't be more surprised!

There's this little international RapidWeaver community out there, doing all kinds of things to help people of various skill levels either build their own websites, or learn to build them for others. They make plugins and add-ons for the RapidWeaver software, that help you do all kinds of spiffy things. And they are there to help when you get stuck.

I also had to improve my photo editing skills, and am still improving on those- again, a very experienced photographer buddy has been a big help with that part of the process.

I found out that it's not that hard to tweak and edit one's website after it's up, so please send me your thoughts and feedback on what could be better. It's early days for me and the web, but I feel like I've given birth to something! Oh, and my new business cards have "" on them!

Pretty fun……..dwdesigns