Deborah Wyscarver Jewelry Design Blog

Beading with a Friend

This week I've had the rare pleasure of spending quality time in the studio with a close friend who is also a jewelry artist, Francie.

Normally, studio work is a solitary pursuit. Working alone enables a deep level of focus and concentration, and can lead to creative breakthroughs and accomplishment. But what a treat it was to create along side a friend and colleague. Asking questions, getting instant feedback, seeing my friend's "ah ha" moments, sharing in the delight of the process-- all that was magical. It reminded me how wonderful it is to work with someone who understands and appreciates what i'm doing. We designed a pair of earrings together to match a drop-dead-gorgeous necklace she had just completed, and that was a lot of fun.

I like the freedom of working alone in the studio, but I have had some of my most inspirational moments when working in the presence of other artists. I am blessed to have another jewelry artist friend, Jan, and I love those rare times when we can work together in the studio too.

One of my greatest pleasures is to spend an entire week in a big studio space with other artists, working on similar projects in a similar medium. The vibe in the room can be at the same time private and public, inward and outward, joyful and frustrating. We're not necessarily collaborating on a piece, but we are all in the explore-experiment-create mode, and are 100% supporting one another in the endeavors. Experiencing that much creative energy in one setting is truly extraordinary, and I thank all those who organize and teach such workshops for me and my fellow artists.

So, thank you Francie! I had a great time, and miss you already!!!!! Safe travels until we can get together again and get up to creative mischief together!